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New video shows creation of EverQuest II raptor concept

Jef Reahard

It's not often that we get to see behind the curtain on our favorite MMORPGs, and Sony Online Entertainment has teamed with PC Gamer to give us one of those opportunities. EverQuest II recently released a slew of new mounts, among them flyers, gliders, and leapers that give players the ability to soar over the wilds of Norrath like never before.

SOE production artist Nate Temple kept a video record of his concept design for one of the game's new raptor leapers, and we get to see the complete sketch unfold before our eyes thanks to the time-lapse wizardry on display in the five-minute clip. Temple shows off his mad Photoshop skills and provides a good bit of interesting commentary, so jump past the cut to check it out!

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