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Nicalis bringing NightSky to 3DS eShop, in 2D


Cave Story developer Nicalis revealed on Twitter that it's working on a 3DS port of NightSky, the puzzle platform game it released on PC and Mac earlier this year. Later, the developer followed up with a note that it'll be on eShop, making the 3DS version of Nifflas's game one of the rare non-Game Boy, non-DSiWare downloadable games on 3DS.

"We literally just started working on it last week," Nicalis "Producer and Janitor" Tyrone Rodriguez told Joystiq in an interview today. "I'd like to have it done before Christmas and out." Even though work is still early, "it looks perfect on the 3DS."

As if the status as an eShop game didn't confer enough novelty status, NightSky on 3DS will not display in 3D. "I feel that it would distract from the game," he explained. NightSky is flat silhouettes against sky, so we aren't even sure how 3D would work there. Nicalis is still deciding whether to implement motion controls. "We'll probably add that as an option," Rodriguez said. "If it feels right, then we'll definitely do it."

Nicalis has another eShop game planned, which it's not ready to announce just yet.

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