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PS3's 'Malicious' coming to PlayStation Vita with extra content


Malicious, Alvion's PS3-exclusive downloadable boss rush action game, whose protagonist fights using a shape-changing cloak, never made it out of Japan. We might get another chance to try it, as Alvion is working on a PlayStation Vita release.

Andriasang reports, based on Famitsu magazine, that the Vita version will include unspecified new content. It'll be sold as a downloadable title much like the PS3 version; of course, since all Vita games will be downloadable, the only real distinction between what we think of now as "retail" or "PSN" games will be price tiers.

The pricing hasn't been announced, but the PS3 version is ¥800 ($10). If it doesn't get an official localization this time, we'll just have to buy some Japanese PSN credit, we suppose.

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