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Black Rock Shooter is actually an RPG, and NIS America is publishing it on PSP


Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a PSP RPG, one of Imageepoch's "JRPG" line of games. It's based on a growing media empire (anime, music manga) featuring a young woman who carries a cannon that fires rocks. So it's not just a clever name!

As you might expect of a game with a cannon-wielding protagonist, Black Rock Shooter has elements of third-person shooting (like ... shooting), but it's alongside RPG-style leveling.

NIS America plans to release Black Rock Shooter in America and Europe as part of its deal with Imageepoch. The company has yet to date these releases, "but we are working hard to get it out as soon as possible," said NIS's Jack Niida in the announcement. "Please look forward to this amazing game."

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