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Breakfast Topic: A week with new threat

Matthew Rossi

I have to admit it: in the week since the threat changes were hotfixed, I've run a lot more of the Cataclysm heroics than I otherwise would. I don't need to run them; I'm JP- and VP-capped. No, I'm running heroics because I can finally just cut loose.

As a DPS player, I'm fairly bored with ZG/ZA. I've seen the inside of these places pretty much every day since patch 4.1 dropped, and while they're well-designed instances, that's too much. (I've made these feelings plain already this week.) But now that threat's been increased across the board, it is actually fun for me to queue up for one of the random heroics from launch and go full tilt. I still have a nasty habit of counting to three before I open up, but aside from that, I'm ripping into mobs as fast as I can and having a ball with it.

So now I ask you: Are you tanking again? Are you queuing up to DPS or heal, secure in the idea that you won't pull threat? Or have these changes turned you off? How are you handling our glorious threat overlords?

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