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World of Wardrobe: Gathering tier 1, page 2

Anne Stickney


Shazzrah doesn't do much in the way of damage. He'll make a big show out of making Arcane Explosions, but they do very little damage to a level 85. Make sure you've cleared the trash around him, and knock him over.

Tier dropsSulfuron Harbinger

This guy is accompanied by four Flamewaker Priests, and they will heal Sulfuron if you let them. They can be interrupted, but dispose of them first, then kill Sulfuron -- he doesn't do a lot of damage, really. As always, make sure you clear trash packs to give yourself a little breathing room here.

Tier drops
Other items of interest Sulfuron also drops Shadowstrike, a pretty cool-looking polearm that transforms into Thunderstrike, an equally cool-looking polearm. If you want some sort of trident, these are two pretty good options.

Golemagg the Incinerator

Golemagg is easy, although he does have two Core Ragers protecting him. The Ragers won't die while Golemagg is alive, but they'll collapse once he's been defeated, so ignore the puppies, kill the giant, watch all three of them die, and then loot!

Tier drops Golemagg drops tier 1 chest pieces for all nine classes listed above.

Other items of interest Golemagg also drops the Azuresong Mageblade, a one-handed sword; the Staff of Dominance, a caster staff with a cool, crackling light effect; and the Blastershot Launcher, a cool and simple double-barrelled gun. In addition, Golemagg has a chance to drop a Sulfuron Ingot, one of the reagents needed to craft the Sulfuron Hammer.

Tier 1 belts and bracers Did you make it this far? Good! That's every boss in Molten Core that drops tier 1. Wondering about those pesky tier 1 belts and bracers? Unfortunately, those items are BOE items that only drop off of Molten Core trash. That's why I recommend clearing the trash around the bosses at the very least -- you won't get additional adds while you're trying to kill the boss, and you'll get a chance at your tier bracers and belt as well. If you can't get your particular tier to drop, check the auction house. Since belts and bracers are BOE, they can be traded and sold.

So, what about those other bosses in Molten Core? Well, they aren't necessary for tier 1, but that doesn't mean that they don't have some pretty cool items of their own!

Majordomo Executus

This boss comes with eight adds. If you get teleported to the center of the room, run out of it quickly. Magic users may need to watch for the magic reflect shields that the adds will occasionally throw up. You don't even have to attack Executus; simply kill all eight adds and he'll throw his hands up in the air in defeat, run away, and leave a nice basket of goodies behind for you.

Items of interest Executus drops Finkle's Lava Dredger, a fairly bizarre-looking two-handed mace. In addition, there's a chance of obtaining a Core Hound Tooth, one of a few really iconic rogue daggers from the days of Molten Core. Once upon a time, Executus also dropped the Ancient Petrified Leaf and the Eye of Divinity. Both of these items began quests for hunters and for priests respectively, leading to Rhok'delar and Benediction. Neither of these items are available anymore; the quests have been removed. But if you happen to have Rhok'delar or Benediction in your bank, you can use those items for transmogrification, since they're epic quality, instead of legendary.


Ragnaros is the big, bad guy of this dungeon. He has a few phases, but at level 85, you probably won't see them -- he's a pushover. He will occasionally launch you into the air, so make sure you've got your back to a wall to avoid getting dunked in lava. If you're worried about killing him solo, bring a friend or two to help you out.

Items of interest Ragnaros drops several items of interest including the Crown of Destruction, a fiery mail helm; Perdition's Blade, another iconic rogue dagger; Bonereaver's Edge, a two-handed sword; and Spinal Reaper, a two-handed axe with a skull motif. He also has a low chance of dropping the Eye of Sulfuras, used to create the legendary Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Ragnaros doesn't drop tier 1 at all! He does, however, drop tier 2 legs for all nine classes listed above. Be sure to knock him over, grab your pants, and come back next week, when we'll look into where and how to get what has often been called the most iconic armor set in World of Warcraft for many classes -- tier 2.

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