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Woz on Steve: "He deserves some 'Steve time'"


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with Byte magazine after Steve Jobs -- Woz's former partner -- publicly resigned. Right at the beginning of the interview, Woz describes the sacrifices Jobs has had to make with this own time and attention during his term at Apple:

"...I mean, just your time, everybody wants you day and night, that's what I mean by sacrifices. It takes so much out of anyone to be under just constant pressure and demands like that. Steve needs now to just have some 'Steve time.' He deserves it."

Further, Woz feels Apple's culture, success and fan base will remain intact as Jobs departs. In particular, Woz says, that's due to the team that remains at Apple. "[Steve Jobs] was surrounded by great, great people at Apple ... and those people are still there. I don't think the core Apple culture will change because of (Jobs') leaving, not for a long time."

It's always good to hear from Woz, especially amid such surprising news.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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