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A history of Steve Jobs at the D Conference


Over the years, Steve Jobs has made several appearances at the D Conference. He's shared the stage with Walt Mossberg, Bill Gates and others in the now iconic red chairs. AllThingsD has compiled a brief history of Steve's remarkable moments at the event, some of which are described below.

Tablet denial

In 2003, Steve took the stage the day after Bill Gates enthusiastically described the tablet computer's future. Steve was less optimistic, saying, "We looked at the tablet, and we think it's gonna fail." In hindsight, we know he was right. The tablet, as Bill described it, has not worked. Apple's version -- to understate it -- has.

The Apple PDA

The following year, in 2004, Steve dismissed the notion of an Apple-branded PDA. In fact, it was during this appearance that Steve uttered my favorite Jobs quote: "I'm as proud of the products that we have not done as I am of the products we have done." I've said this before, but Apple's patience and dedication to careful contemplation is among its greatest assets.

Steve and Bill, together again

It was the first time the two shared a stage in 20 years, so all eyes were glued to the D stage when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sat down together for a chat with Walt Mossberg. The two talked about each their legacies and each company's history. It's a compelling video.

There's more, of course, and we urge you to view the full list. Jobs certainly is a gifted speaker.

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