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Command tiny radio-controlled tanks in Vita AR game


Here's one to be filed in the verbose category of Games That Are Unlikely To Leave Japan But Contain Items That Suit Our Interests. Konami announced AR Combat Digi Q, an online tank combat game that relies on the PlayStation Vita's incredible capacity to augment reality itself. Or, you know, a neat camera-based game.

According to Andriasang, the Konami-published title is derived from its own line of infrared-controlled combat toys (read an insanely detailed review here). The Vita's analog sticks act as the remote control and the miniature vehicles are replaced by polygonal representations on-screen, placed atop whatever background is in view of the camera. That might be a few too many layers of abstraction if you just wanted to drive a tank like Pierce Brosnan did, but at least it cuts down on toy litter in the living room.

Speaking of toy litter: Isn't it about time someone brought back Re-Volt?

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