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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to have cross-play for PS3, PC, Mac and not Xbox


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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will officially feature cross-platform play between the PS3, PC and Mac, Kotaku reports. To make the battlefield fair, PS3 players will be able to play with a keyboard and mouse; to make the battlefield completely favor PC/Mac users, PS3 players will also have the option of using a Move motion controller. Xbox 360 players will be able to play with a 360 controller, and maybe a live cat if they can figure out how to plug it in correctly (Protip: tail first.)

Valve bossman Gabe Newell has said he'd like to implement Steamworks on Xbox 360, but Microsoft has repeatedly resisted, instead placing restrictions on Xbox Live functionality. Global Offensive is Valve's second title after Portal 2 to use Steamworks on the PS3, and no one has burned down the Sony servers yet. Well, mostly.

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