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ETRO robot wears its heart on its face, promises to love you


We prefer our robots stick to the household cleaning chores, a little DJing action even, and then go right back to the closet. But, when we first glimpsed this emoting automaton from Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, our fears of the day of robot reckoning subsided slightly. The ETRI-built robot (or ETRO for short) is currently "employed" as an ambassador for human-robot relations at Daejon's National Science Museum, treating amused passersby to outspoken professions of love backed by its LED-lit facial expressions. Originally designed as a reading robot back in 2003, version 2.0 of this humanoid helper was created with a greater cause in mind -- showcasing robotics as promising Korean growth industry. Rather than let those economic concerns muddle our whimsy, let's just focus on the AI-assisted cuteness in the video below.

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