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Grill, extinguish, or terminate zombies with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record DLC costumes


You've bought all three Dead Rising 2 games to date, and you've pre-ordered the fourth. How on earth can you give Capcom more money for Dead Rising 2? Don't worry -- that's what DLC is for. Four downloadable costumes have been announced for Off the Record, allowing you to make Frank, the character people wanted so badly to return, almost unrecognizable.

Each costume comes with gameplay bonuses: Cyborg Frank has an electrical attack that stuns zombies; survivors run faster when following Frank in his firefighter outfit, and he can kick down doors and more effectively use water guns; the BBQ Chef outfit confers extra firepower to ketchup and mustard, and offers some kind of bonus when using explosives. And in the "Warrior Costume," players get 25% additional PP after every attack, and an exclusive combo with the practice sword and shield.

In Japan, these will all be sold separately for 160 Microsoft Points; release plans haven't been announced for North America yet, with the exception of the Warrior costume, which is a GameStop pre-order bonus.

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