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Kevin Butler quits Sony via Twitter, Sony says to 'keep following his tweets'


Kevin Butler would be a wonderful Sony VP if he actually existed, and we would be upset to hear of his resignation if it were real. This makes us very emotionally confused about Sony's latest marketing ploy, which has @TheKevinButler tweeting that he's quit Sony to be president of the family flooring business. How do we react when a fake person fake-quits his fake position at a real company? We're not sure, but so far we've been eating a lot of chocolate and manically watching Desperate Housewives.

@TheKevinButler posted two tweets today about the job switch and his profile now reads, "President, Economy Flooring. I'm a man of the people and the people need help. Carpets worn? Hardwoods warped? Linoleum non-linear? Rest Easy, KB's here to help." As legit as this may seem, Sony has hinted at a Twitter-tease, telling Industry Gamers to "stay tuned. We'll have more info on KB's new upstart career shortly. In the meantime, keep following his tweets."

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