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PAX 2011: Turbine lifts Rise of Isengard NDA, shows off LotRO and DDO


Turbine's two free-to-play star pupils are battling it out for their mother's attention at PAX this week, but mommy loves both equally. On one hand there's Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is releasing Update 11 on September 12th with the much-anticipated Artificer class; on the other hand there's Lord of the Rings Online, which has its third expansion, Rise of Isengard, coming out on September 27th.

The studio is showing off both titles and their respective new content at PAX, and Turbine has announced that the NDA for Rise of Isengard has lifted as of this morning. So now beta testers can feel free to share their experiences and impressions of the expansion -- and we hope you do so in the comments section!

We have several new screenshots from both Isengard and Update 11 in the galleries below, as well as a LotRO dev diary highlighting Dunland after the jump!

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