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Rumor: Gameloft's 'Bullet' is the Red Dead Redemption your phone's been waiting for


Gameloft is at it again, it seems. The copysmiths of the iOS world have come up with a western shooter much in the veign of Rockstar's incredibly successful Read Dead Redemption, titled Bullet. For those of you keeping score at home -- actually, how are you keeping score? Gameloft has "adapted" so many games!

Regardless, its efforts have proven successful and we expect nothing less from Bullet. Apparently, Gameloft was uploading some trailers for the game, presumably for Bullet's announcement, but had forgotten to turn on the "private video" function. A Touch Arcade reader caught the goof and the rest is, as they say, history.

From the two thumbnails above, we can surmise that Bullet is a third-person shooter set in the old west. But until Gameloft officially announces the game, that's all we've got to go on. Well, that and the entirety of Red Dead Redemption.

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