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8-year-old MvC3 prodigy Noah Solis lands fighting sponsorship and clothing line

Jordan Mallory

You may remember the story of Noah Solis, the 8-year-old Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 prodigy that captured the minds and hearts of the gaming community by placing in the top 48 at EVO 2011, destroying dozens of grown men in the process. Noah is more than a media darling, however, and his natural aptitude for shaming players with years of experience fighting games hasn't gone unnoticed by the pro set.

Pro-gaming sponsorship consortium/clothing line/hip-hop label The Travelling Circus has signed Noah on to contribute to two of those three ventures, sponsoring his future fighting endeavors as well as launching a clothing line designed by the prodigy himself. Who knows, if Noah's fashion sense is anything like his fighting style, this kid may end up more Gucci than Gouken. At the moment, no information is available as to when his clothing line will be available, or when his first sponsored match is set to take place, but we have a feeling we'll be hearing about Noah long before next year's EVO.

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