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Massively exclusive: Luvinia Online enchants, crafts, enhances and reshapes


On the last exciting episode of Luvinia Online Exposé, Outspark shared with us some of the design plans and interesting mechanics behind its gear system for this upcoming title. Today, it's all about enchanting -- the interesting art of taking something and pimping the heck out of it -- and other cool ways to customize the items in your inventory.

So what does Luvinia's system for gear upgrades look like, and how can players best utilize these features to fine-tune their characters' potential? We'll let the devs at Outspark answer this for themselves:

You gotta have options

Last time we talked a little bit about some ways to make what you've got even better with energy stones. While the energy stones are temporary and add quite a bit of personalized bang for the buck, there are also a few ways to permanently update your gear to better suit your role. The two big ones we'll cover are enchanting and card placement, but there are a few other tricks in game to help you too.

Luvinia card enhancement

The major system of upgrading items in the game is through the enchanting process. In game, players can use an enhancing stone to try to upgrade and item to its next power level. Doing so gives a healthy bump in the stats the item possesses and places +1 to the front of its name. Players can then try their hands again at enchanting the item with a new enhancing stone to raise it to a +2 with even more stats.

This process can be repeated all the way until the item is +20, at which point the stats on the item are significantly greater than in its original version. The enhancing stones come in different grades, and the higher grade stones are required to reach higher levels of enchantment, but they also come with a lower chance of successfully upgrading the item. To help with this, up to three luminous stones can be used to increase the success rate of the enchantment. Along with the stat increase, raising the level of your equipment will give it a glow that others can see, helping your friends easily identify that your armor is better than the average gear.

Pick a card

Normal enchantments bring out the inner powers of an item; however, there are times when you want to craft an item more to a specific purpose or have more control over the stats added to an item. This all becomes possible when you find a piece of equipment with a slot on it. These slots allow the player to embed special monster cards into that item. These monster cards each contain powerful stats that once embedded in a slot add to the overall power. Monster cards are usually limited in what type of equipment they can be placed in, but each one brings its own unique flavor to your arsenal.

Cards can be acquired through two major methods. One is that the cards can be found as rare monster drops in the world. These dropped cards are tradable, thus making it possible to find a seller that has acquired a powerful card for you to purchase and then slot in to your equipment. A more reliable method for acquiring cards is through quests available in the game.

Luvinia item upgrade
Do-it-yourself armor and potions

Along with item enhancements, there is also item creation in Luvinia Online. With three gathering professions (Herbalism, Skinning and Mining) along with three crafting professions (Blacksmith, Tailoring, and Alchemy), there is plenty of crafting for players to do in game, especially when all six are available for players to pick up.

Herbalism and Alchemy go hand-in-hand allowing players to great fantastic concoctions to help them in their journeys. Mining and Blacksmithing are the two professions used to make heavy armor and weapons to help players take on the toughest of opponents. Skinning and Tailoring are setup for the light armor class and allow for the crafting of backpacks and other accessories. All six professions require their own fair amount of commitment to the player to level up, but the rewards can be great.

Breaking the mold

Even after crafting your own armor or unlocking the inherent power of items through enchanting, there can still be more power to draw from them. Sometimes the armor you find may not have some of the stats a character may need to function to the fullest. To this end, there is the Reshaping System. While not yet available in the game, the Reshaping System that will come in future patches allows a player to take stats on a weapon and reallocate them from one primary stat into a different one, allowing you to customize the stats on your armor to suit your needs.

From enchanting to card slotting to crafting and reshaping, there are plenty of ways to beef up your gear and really make it shine in Luvinia Online. With open beta on the near horizon, it's only a matter of time before you can put all this new found knowledge to the test.

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