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One Shots: Stop and smell the tree

Shawn Schuster

Today's One Shot comes to us from reader Johanis, who describes a special tree in RIFT that caught his character's eye:
While questing in RIFT, my Rogue Simbala has so often run by this tree located near Hammerlord Post in Moonshade Highlands and admired how it stretches over the road. Each time, she stops to admire its beauty and the way its pink leaves slowly blow off into the wind and the glow it casts. In all my travels so far in RIFT, this spot is memorable.
We're looking at the best MMO environments all this week, but next week we'll be revisiting another old favorite of One Shots: bug week. Whether it's unwanted guests in cutscenes, funny graphic glitches, or a prank you played on a buddy, we want to see. Send your screenshots in to and we'll feature them in next week's One Shots!

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