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The Daily Grind: Does Origin's new EULA make you feel better about playing an EA game?

Shawn Schuster

So Electronic Arts has this digital rights management service called Origin, which was reincarnated from the former EA Store back in July of this year. It basically allows you to download certain purchased EA games straight from the tubes of the internet. It seemed harmless enough to the general MMO community... until fans began to worry that they'd need Origin in order to download and play Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare has since reassured the community to the contrary, but that didn't stop the concerns.

A few crafty fans of the upcoming MMO looked more deeply into the service, which sparked an eruption of rage. Origin was denounced as everything from spyware to an elaborate identify theft system. EA recently responded by changing the service's EULA, making it absolutely clear that the company is not out to steal anyone's personal information.

But is that enough for you? Has Origin completely soured you on SWTOR and any other EA game, or do you trust the new Origin EULA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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