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You -- yes you -- can select the cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 3

Jordan Mallory

Don't think we can't see you out there, you UFC ultra-fan you. You're the guy with posters of Flint Ironstag and Bolt Vanderhuge all over your home gym. You're the guy with the octagon-shaped bed, the chain-link wallpaper and one of those old-timey uvula punching bags mounted in your shower. You breathe this stuff, and THQ knows it. That's why they've entrusted you specifically with the solemn duty of determining which fighter will grace the cover of UFC Undisputed 3.

You've got between now and September 30 to vote for one of five fighters, so start blasting your core and jammin' on your quads now; that clickin' finger needs to be in peak physical condition. Once you've cast your ballot, you'll have the chance to win passes to a live UFC event, as if you didn't have season tickets already. Remember to always stretch properly before using the internet, and never vote on cover art without a spotter.

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