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Buy iBank today and help Vermont flooding relief efforts


IGG Software, makers of the popular iBank financial software for Mac, has announced that 100% of sales revenue from their apps generated on Monday, August 29 will be donated to Vermont's relief programs for those affected by the flooding resulting from Hurricane Irene. Furthermore, IGG will double the total amount of sales with a matching contribution.

In a press release [PDF] IGG states: "IGG Software, Inc. has been Vermont-based since shortly after its founding in 2003. The majority of its employees are also located in towns throughout Vermont, many of which were hit by devastating flash floods that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. Some of IGG's team members were affected personally with significant property damage and, in one case, an emergency evacuation."

IGG Software makes the popular iBank 4 (US$59.99) and iBiz 4 ($39.99) apps for OS X. Users can buy the apps either through the Mac App Store or IGG's online store. All revenue will be donated no matter which store the apps are bought through.

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