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    Daily iPhone App: Star Legends


    Star Legends is the release title of Blackstar, an MMO whose origin I've recounted on the site here before. Spacetime Studios was a company formed from the ashes of an unreleased PC MMO that went on to make Pocket Legends, a full mobile MMO that started on iOS and then moved on to Android. Earlier this year, we heard that the company planned to use the built-up Blackstar concepts and work to create a sci-fi themed MMO for iOS, and Star Legends, released last week and now available for free on the App Store, is the product of that work.

    Like Pocket Legends, the game is a full World of Warcraft-style MMO, with persistent characters, environments, and lots of instances and dungeons to fight through. Of course, it's all sci-fi based instead of fantasy, but Spacetime built up a really in-depth library for its planned title, and Star Legends presumably has made full use of it (with lots more content to come, no doubt). If you've never played a game like this, it can be a little confusing, but if you've ever jumped in to an MMO before, you'll be amazed to see what Spacetime has done with the genre on a mobile platform.

    The game is microtransaction-based, but there's plenty to do for free right away. If you're a fan of Pocket Legends, or just want to see what kind of magic Spacetime has been working, definitely check it out.

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