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DirecTV working on 'Nomad,' may provide streaming to iOS


Engadget recently found a teaser page on the DirecTV website that speaks about a "Nomad," a little box that promises to take your movies and TV from your home DVR out to the rest of the world (no relation, supposedly, to my favorite portable game console, the Sega Nomad). Details are slim, but it sounds very much like the Slingbox, in that it will take all kinds of signals from DirecTV, and send them out to all kinds of other mobile devices. In other words, DirecTV subscribers may soon have a way to watch their television service from anywhere right on their iOS device.

Gizmolovers has a whole bunch of information on the service, including that the box might possibly cost as much as $150 on its own. And unfortunately, there's no official word on this at all, which means no actual date to wait or even hope for just yet. But stay tuned, DirecTV subscribers -- you may end up watching TV on your iPad through that service sooner than you think.

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