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Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond meets fundraising goals, updates FAQ

Jef Reahard

Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond has taken several small steps over the course of its short lifetime, but can it make one giant leap to a full-fledged release product? It's off to a decent start, judging by its Kickstarter fundraising tally.

The devs have issued a press release proclaiming the success story and are drafting a FAQ document designed to get more information out there to potential investors (and eventually, players). The latest version of the FAQ is viewable on the official website, and we've included a few highlights for you here:
  • The game is a follow-up to Moonbase Alpha (released in 2010)
  • Project Whitecard and Wisdom Tools are the developers per a "Space Act Agreement" with NASA
  • The target audience will be the 5-24 age and the gaming and science enthusiast markets
  • The game will be available for iOS and Windows PC; other platforms are being considered
  • Unreal Engine 3 is being used to develop the game
  • A beta is planned for December 2012

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