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Embers of Caerus: 'MMO guilds suck'


Forsaken Studio's newest sandbox MMO may not even have a proper website yet, but that doesn't mean Embers of Caerus can't make waves. In the team's first dev blog, a gauntlet is thrown down to all other MMOs: Your guilds suck, apparently. Nothing personal.

"For that part traditional MMORPG guilds have done their job, and they haven't done it badly, but it can certainly be improved," the team writes. It's their opinion that guilds are a little too exclusive and inflexible, not allowing players to mingle in multiple groups as they would in real life.

Using Facebook as an example of how people categorize friends into different groups, the devs show that we have grown to expect flexibility in structuring our relationships and social circles. It's the opinion of the team that MMOs should evolve with the times to include the same types of features: "Once we break the bonds of traditional guilds, and work instead to define ways to organise and control our relationships and groups, the possibilities are pretty much endless."

Embers of Caerus plans to allow players as much flexibility as possible in their goals and their social groupings, so that an adventurer could be part of both a thieving guild and a merchant troupe if so desired. The title is only a few weeks into development at this point.

[Thanks to the good folks on the Massively forums for bringing this to our attention!]

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