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WoW Moviewatch: Ties That Bind


Yesterday, Romire released his newest video, Ties That Bind. You can see how Romire's been focused on improving his technical skills, stepping up his color mastery, and otherwise refining the visual effects of his videos. Ties That Bind shows huge improvement in that arena. Since Romire takes his work seriously, he's asked for some constructive feedback.

I'd start with some tight narration and plot editing. While Romire obviously had a story in mind with Ties That Bind, it's easy to lose track of the plot point over 11 minutes. While long-form videos are certainly viable, it's usually best to maintain a very tight narrative focus in machinima. Famous pieces like Tales of the Past and Return are masterpieces for a reason; not every machinima can mimic that level of complexity or epic narration.

There were a few jokes in the video, like a brief Mortal Kombat shout-out. Stuff like that is awesome, but it felt out of place in a longer, more serious video. Visually, I think Romire's come a long, long way. But for the next piece, I'd aim for a short, simple plot to start polishing the storytelling.
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