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Former QA tester files litigation against Take-Two, seeks class-action suit


Ex-Take-Two Interactive employee Aaron Martinez believes he was mistreated while employed by the publisher, and he's suing. In a notice sent to other QA employees, the former Visual Concepts (currently known as 2K Sports) quality assurance tester claims "Take-Two Quality Assurance Testers were not paid for all hours worked, were not provided required off duty meal and rest breaks, and were not paid all wages due at the time of termination." Resultantly, he's trying to gather other employees/ex-employees together in a class action suit.

For its part, Take-Two denies all claims, but the presiding court in California has yet to determine much about potential future legal actions. When we spoke with Martinez's lawyer, Michael Righetti, earlier today, he explained that his client has filed a punitive class action suit, and that the letter popping up online (seen in part above) was sent out last week as an act of compromise between Martinez and Take-Two, as well as to notify other employees of the suit. Martinez was employed by Visual Concepts/Take-Two beginning in December of 2006, and it is unclear when his time with the studio ended.

Bizarrely, in order to solicit contact information of other employees at Take-Two during Martinez's time of employment, the letter had to be sent by a third party working as an intermediary. Those receiving the letter have until Sept. 25 to opt out of having their information released, at which time their contact information will otherwise be given to the complainant's legal counsel.

The original complaint was filed by Martinez way back in June of 2010, and given the snail's pace at which the suit has proceeded thus far, we don't expect to hear much more anytime soon. With all that extra time, however, we suggest you pore over the latest version of the filing, in the gallery below.

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