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Report: 3DS Fatal Frame spinoff uses 3DS cameras as in-game camera


It's kind of the perfect idea: match the Fatal Frame series, in which characters see and fight ghosts through a camera lens, with AR tech like that in the 3DS. And, if early reports out of the latest Famitsu are accurate, we'll soon get the opportunity to see if that idea is executed perfectly.

Called "Spirit Diary," the game interacts with an included "AR Notebook" whose functions are curently unknown. In the game, you and a young girl investigate the cursed book. Other modes include AR minigames and a battle mode in which players fight using "spirit pictures" of themselves.

It is currently unknown whether this game will be published by Tecmo, who handled most previous Fatal Frames, or Nintendo, who published the Wii Fatal Frame -- and then neglected to release it outside of Japan.

[Image: Fatal Frame 4]

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