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Doodle Jump for iPad available now (Updated)


Doodle Jump, the wildly successful iPhone platforming game, is at last coming out with an iPad version. Doodle Jump for iPad should be launching on the App Store later today according to developer Lima Sky.

The game features the same addictive jumping and shooting gameplay as the iPhone original, but optimized for the iPad's much larger screen. The playing field is a great deal wider than that on the iPhone, both horizontally and vertically, which in my testing has meant I've been able to achieve much higher scores than anything I've gotten on the iPhone version.

It's a bit more awkward to tilt an iPad around than an iPhone, but it's still a lot of fun to play. I can tell what I'm going to be doing for the rest of today...

Lima Sky hasn't given us any word on pricing for the iPad version yet, but we'll update this post with that information after the app goes live on the App Store later today.

Update: Doodle Jump for iPad is available now for US$2.99.

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