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Hellgate announces September events


As the legions of hell march on the doorstep of London, Hellgate finds itself in need of powerful heroes to defend the last bastion of humankind. Thankfully, the month of September is strewn with events that will assist players in rising to meet the growing demonic threat.

The festivities begin with an event simply called Join the Ranks. For this event, existing heroes will have the opportunity to recruit new players, which will result in delicious rewards for the the recruiter. Once a healthy regiment of soldiers has been established, it's time to begin training. The Condition System is back in full effect, and it grants each character five hours of bonus experience each day. In addition to the experience bonus, specified dates in September will see the onslaught of a Hell Rush, "effectively doubling the experience earned on those days."

As players level from these bonuses, they will be eligible for the Level And Be Rewarded event. This event... well, it is what it sounds like, people. At certain leveling milestones, players will receive a variety of rewards ranging from inventory expansion to stat-boosting capsules.

But what good is a hero without heroic equipment? Throughout the month, the Tools of the Trade event, which provides players with the chance to receive "premium items that aren't available in the cash shop," will be active. Players will also receive two free Resurrection Scrolls daily, in order to keep them fighting on their feet. And to top it off, once players feel prepared for a challenge, they can take part in the Boss Time Attack event, which is a special challenge mode to kill a dungeon boss within a certain time limit. Succeeding, of course, will result in fine rewards. So suit up and move out, heroes. London isn't going to defend itself.

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