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One Shots: I can't see!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Mounts seem to be an ongoing problem, as we've shown on One Shots bug week. At least we can see today's mount, but there's another problem. Brooke explains her World of Warcraft shot:
My husband and I were playing in Deadmines together out of boredom, when we discovered a bug that allowed a second person to mount someone else's one-person mount. For some reason, the default "riding" position for a second character on one-person mounts is usually the face. So here's my character sitting on my husband's camel.
We're revisiting an old favorite of One Shots this week: bug week. Whether it's unwanted guests in cutscenes, funny graphic glitches, or a prank you played on a buddy, we want to see. Send your screenshots in to and we'll feature them in next week's One Shots!

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