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The MMO Report: Cybernetic Arm Replacement edition


Welcome to a very special PAX Prime 2011 edition of The MMO Report. Surely you've read all of Massively's PAX coverage (you have, haven't you?), but in case you somehow missed it, don't fear. The MMO Report is here to give you the skinny on the big MMO happenings at one of the country's largest gaming conventions.

The show kicks things off with -- surprise! -- Guild Wars 2. Content Designer Mike Zadorojny talks about the new skill progression system and the removal of the energy mechanic, and also notes that closed beta is still on track to take place before the end of the year.

Then it's on to Firefall, the new MMOFPS from Red 5 Studios. The open-world portion of the game was the newest addition to the game's PAX 2011 demo, though players also had the opportunity to try their hand at the game's competitive PvP.

Funcom's The Secret World is up next with news on the game's large-scale persistent PvP. Small-scale PvP battlefields make an appearance as well in the form of Stonehenge, El Dorado, and Shambhala.

Star Wars: The Old Republic rounds out the MMO selection with the game's Huttball and Alderaan PvP battlegrounds and the Eternity Vault endgame Operation.

For the full video and all the juicy PAX 2011 MMO details, jump on past the cut.

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