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Dell S2330MX ultra-slim monitor reckons it's gorgeous, actually just 'above average'

Sharif Sakr

Dell's much bragged-about skinny 23-incher just got put through its paces by the bods at HotHardware. Their conclusion? The 1080p display sports glossily good aesthetics and scores major points for its lumbar-loving 8.3-pound weight and 0.4-inch waistline (which burgeons to 1.19-inches around the ports). The twisted nematic panel isn't up to IPS standards and won't satisfy graphics or photography pros, but the LED backlighting produces good brightness and better-than-average black levels. Gaming was held back by minor streaking despite the 2ms response time, while Blu-ray movies suffered slightly in darker scenes. All in, a "relatively good buy" at $250 -- although you might want to check out the source link to see if the S2330MX meets your exact requirements.

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