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ESPN app crashing for some Xbox 360 users [update]


If the above image looks familiar, then you're having the same problem I am. Ever since that last update for the ESPN app on Xbox 360, I've been unable to access it. Attempting to boot up the app from the Dashboard has produced the above screen every time. Hitting any button then sends me back to the Dashboard.

Curious as to what was going on, we contacted Microsoft -- though we have yet to hear back. So we're going to do some lazy research, which basically means we're gonna toss a poll up. Have you encountered this same problem? Hit the jump and weigh in!

Update: Service is back up and running for most people, according to a Microsoft associate, who said, "ESPN on Xbox LIVE is up and running for the vast majority of our users. We're actively working to resolve a technical issue that is impacting service for a fraction of our user base."


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