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Indie sandbox Embers of Caerus needs your support

Jef Reahard

Play MMOs long enough and chances are you'll become something of an armchair developer. I could make a better game than that, you might say, or why the heck are they doing it this way? While most of us don't have the programming chops to make the transition from imagined prototype to working code, Forsaken Studios is offering the next best thing. Call it an armchair supporter opportunity.

The indie devs behind Embers of Caerus are asking for your donations, as the fantasy title is in need of a bit of capital to offset the fact that the team is working for free. What exactly is Forsaken Studios working on? It's a safe bet that it isn't your average fantasy themepark clone if the prose on the game's official forum is any indication. Forsaken is "made up of gamers who are tired of companies not quite getting it right, or worse, selling out in order to earn more money from what producers deem to be the more lucrative markets (easier content, real money item shops, etc)."

What will become of your donations? The EoC support plan page lists everything from software and licensing costs to hosting, technical equipment, and various legal/company expenses. "Even when you don't have to pay anyone, it's still not a cheap business," Forsaken says. You can get a look at a nine-minute engine test in the video after the cut.

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