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Rage has a cameo in Breaking Bad, because nothing sells games better than meth


AMC's Breaking Bad featured a bizarrely long, obvious advertising plug for Rage on this week's episode, as seen above, and included a light-gun motion-controller that Bethesda assures us is entirely fictional. We knew using crystal meth could lead to extreme, sudden bursts of rage -- we just didn't think it would ever be so literal. The clip shows Jesse Pinkman, drug-peddler extraordinaire, playing a level of Rage while hallucinating about shooting chemist Gale Boetticher point-blank in the face.

While we don't know what Bethesda's strategy is with this plug, we're pretty sure it's not a great argument against the (bogus) theory that video games promote violence. Maybe it marks the beginning of Rage's new reverse-psychology tagline: Rage -- Not Even Once.

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