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Shadows of the Damned soundtrack coming to Japan [update: available now internationally]


Grasshopper Manufacture announced the very welcome news that it will release a soundtrack CD containing Akira Yamaoka's full score on Shadows of the Damned. The pre-order soundtrack was nice, but incomplete; this disc will have all 21 tracks, including "Shadows of the Damned," performed with The Damned.

In addition, GHM will release a guide book called "Kurayami Magazine," named after an earlier iteration of the game. It features a long interview with Suda 51 and original character designs.

Both items are listed on the Japanese GHM store website, with the soundtrack available tomorrow and the book on September 9. Neither has been posted on the American store yet, and we're asking-slash-begging Grasshopper for more information.

Update: GHM is selling the soundtrack on its international site now, limited to 1,000 copies. The first 300 will be signed by Akira Yamaoka!

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