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WoW Moviewatch: Faces of Cataclysm - The Return of the Highborne


Your regular host, Mr. Michael Gray, is out today. He probably has a good reason -- he usually does. You're stuck with me for Moviewatch today. But fear not, Moviewatchers, for I bring you Faces of Cataclysm, Chapter III: The Return of the Highborne by epic machinamator Melvenor.

Melvenor is one of the last epic machinamators who takes the lore of World of Warcraft and adds bits of flair, acting, and depth to tell pieces of Warcraft's story. His most recent Cataclysm movie is all about the return of the Highborne to Night Elven society and the pains they must endure to win back the trust of their Kaldorei brothers and sisters. On his way to meet with the Night Elves in Silvermoon Refuge, a Highborne conjurer is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Epic machinima is a hard sell for me, at times. Melvenor's work, however, feels like it has just the right amount of quality, substance, and skill that makes his epic machinima work. The camera work is great, the voice acting is superb, and the video itself looks wonderful, cleaned up with a bit of After Effects. If you haven't seen Melvenor's work yet, you owe yourself a few minutes to do so.

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