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Borderlands 2 leaked gameplay video is 14 minutes of amazing midget-massacre


Borderlands 2
is running on a platform of trimmed fat and effective economics -- it will be better, Gearbox says, it will be meaner and it will fix all of the problems of its predecessor. We've all heard promises like this one before, but if the leaked gameplay video above is anything to go by, Borderlands 2 has our vote.

The video shows 14 minutes of Borderlands 2, featuring new weapons such as a disposable, regenerative, Wal-Mart-inspired rifle, a new character in Maya the Siren, an old character in Roland, and new enemies, such as the torturer Nomad, who uses a midget as a meat-shield. Check out the stunning new art style and gameplay mechanics of Borderlands 2 above, and don't forget to vote in 2012 pre-order before it drops after April 2012!

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