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Nokia 701 hands-on

Brian Heater

Living in the States, it's easy to forget just how large a global presence Nokia has managed to maintain, in spite of some difficulties keeping up with the likes of iOS and Android. The company certainly had a presence at IFA this year, between its own booth and appearances in Vodafone's show offerings. And despite what detractors might say about the Finnish hardware manufacturer, it's hard to deny that the company has given us fine offerings on the hardware front.

The 701 doesn't have the most exciting build we've seen from the Nokia, but it certainly has a lot going for it, including a bright 3.5-inch display, steel backing, an eight megapixel camera and built-in NFC. On the software side, we're of course looking at Symbian Belle, with its customizable home screens, which is managed quite nicely with the smartphone's 1GHz processor. Check out our hands-on photos below.

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