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LG's new 3D TV has true gaming split-screen, reminds us of another display


LG's LW980T 3D TV is ready to rumble in the market with Sony's PlayStation 3D Display, both of which pander to gamers, allowing players to see separate images from different angles. LG's TV is scheduled for release this month and comes in two screen sizes: 47-inch and 55-inch, for $2,921 (£1,799) and $4,057 (£2,499), respectively. Sony's display is set for release in November and comes in one size, 24-inch, for $500 (£308). The LW980T (such a catchy name) will come with eight pairs of 3D glasses, but the split-screen gaming glasses will cost extra.

LG and Sony recently dropped patent suits against each other and signed a cross-licensing deal after three years of disputes over smartphone, Blu-ray and TV technologies. Sony hasn't sued LG yet, so this must fit within the bounds of their deal -- perhaps because Sony's product is a display, meaning it won't directly receive broadcasts, and LG's is a true-blue TV. Or maybe it's all in the name: Sony's split-screen tech is called SimulView while LG's is called Dual Play. See? Totally different.

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