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'Carnival Games: Wild West' called out by Australian ratings board


Did they even have carnivals in the Old West days? We thought people's time was all taken up by gunfights and being thrown through bar windows back then. 2K and Cat Daddy Games are indulging in either a bit of historical revisionism or actual history (again, we're fuzzy on the details of the time period), with Carnival Games: Wild West, an upcoming game spotted on Australia's ratings board.

The game is listed as "multi platform," which is the board's generic term (and doesn't necessarily mean the game is actually multiplatform.) At the moment, then, we don't know whether you'll be controlling the old-timey minigames with Kinect, Move, or the good old-fashioned Wiimote.

Oh, hey, horseshoes! That's something that people might have played back then, maybe. People had horses, anyway.

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