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Game writing pioneer Bill Kunkel passes away

Justin McElroy

Bill Kunkel, who started writing the first-ever dedicated video game review column in 1978 and co-founded Electronic Games Magazine, passed away on Sept. 4.

Most familiar with Kunkel's work likely know him as "The Game Doctor," after a column that appeared in Computer Gaming World and other publications, but Kunkel also wrote comics for DC, Marvel and Harvey, covered pro-wrestling and helped design nearly two dozen games. Honestly, you just have to read all the things the guy worked on to believe it.

Kunkel has been the subject of dozens of remembrances throughout the web from the journalists and developers he inspired. Activision's Dan Amrich wrote "I read him religiously growing up. He paved my way." Former Gamespot EIC and Bastion writer Greg Kasavin said, "I never met him but his work was an inspiration."

Kunkel, who leaves behind wife Laurie, was 61 years old.

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