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Operation Supply Drop sends games to overseas troops

Justin McElroy

As many of you in the U.S. enjoy your day off from labor, spare a thoughtful moment for your troops overseas. When your fighting men and women aren't irritating Sarge or stuck on KP duty peeling potatoes*, they'd like to be out there collecting coins or blasting Covenant ships right along with you.

Front Towards Gamer's Operation Supply Drop is making it happen, collecting money to buy consoles and games and sending them to troops stationed across the globe. Above you see the 18th Airborne Corps and the huge bundle of joy they recently received as a result of Operation: Grease Gun. Next up is Operation: Dragon Punch, which will soon be shipped out to MEDEVAC Blackhawk pilot Ryan and his team stationed in Northern Afghanistan.

If you'd like to help the troops win the war against boredom, you can donate via the Chipin link here. And get this: A $30 donation will net you 1600 MS points! But, of course, you're not giving for that reason. No, we'd never think that. Never.

*Ed. note: the sum total of our military knowledge is lifted from Beetle Bailey strips.

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