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You're the Pundit: Are we going to see a touch iMac?


Other sites have rumors and speculation. We have the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the iMac. Are we about to see a touch iMac debut?

For years now, Apple patents have hinted at iMac and MacBook touch screens. A year ago, rumors arose that Sintek Photonics were producing touch panels for those units; rumors that were quickly quashed by Sintek spokespersons.

Third party Touchscreen iMacs were actually launched in 2006 by Troll Touch, although they never seemed to take off the way some people expected.

In 2010, Steve Jobs talked about vertical touch screens in the Back to the Mac press event. Jobs told the world that "[t]ouch surfaces don't want to be vertical. It gives great demo but after a short period of time, you start to fatigue and after an extended period of time, your arm wants to fall off. It doesn't work; it's ergonomically terrible."

Of course, that assumes a primarily touch modality. In the last four years, i.e. since the iPhone debuted, how many times have you reached out to your computer screen in the midst of doing other work and were surprised that the screen didn't respond to touch? Maybe vertical interaction is best as an augmentation of standard mouse/trackpad/keyboard input rather than a replacement.

You tell us. Place your vote in this poll and then join in the comments with all your predictions.


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