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Dragon Quest X has usage fees, requires Internet connection; does not require an NES


Yesterday, Square Enix provided early indication that there would be a periodic fee for online play of Dragon Quest X. A FAQ on Square Enix's website confirms it. As translated by Google, "Yes, if you connect to online play will be required to pay the additional fee." The FAQ also noted that players will be required to connect to the Internet to play after the first few hours of the game.

In much less true news, parody site the Kyoko Shimbun (a site whose name literally translates to "fictitious newspaper") reports that Square Enix is also making a Famicom/NES version of Dragon Quest X, and even provided mock screenshots. This version, according to the fabricated story, is aimed at those who played Dragon Quest games on Famicom and have a nostalgic desire to experience the same thing again.

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