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Fujitsu's waterproof Arrows Tab F-01D sails through FCC, frolicking beach advertisement films itself

Darren Murph

Oh, sure -- Fujitsu's highly intriguing waterproof Arrows Tab may have an LTE future on Japanese airwaves, but what about the Yanks? Based on an FCC filing that just went public today, it looks as if they may be getting an F-01D to call their own, too. We're surmising that the initial shipment will contain WiFi-only models, as a GSM notice tucked within makes quite clear that "user access to all functions related to GSM900, DCS1800, W-CDMA Band I, VI and IX will be disabled." 'Course, this could be Fujitsu applying for FCC approval without intending to hawk it on these shores -- it's not uncommon for overseas gadgets to boast FCC labels to suit jetsetting owners -- but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for more global aspirations. A waterproof tablet to use on your next beach excursion? Sign us up... so long as there's a daylight-viewable LCD in there.

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