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Sony names former US Homeland Security official Philip Teitinger as 'Chief Information Security Officer'


Though Sony's initial reaction to the enormous PlayStation Network breach earlier this year may have been less than stellar, the company responded in force as time went on, even vowing to hire a "Chief Information Security Officer" eventually. This morning, the company named the person filling that position: former director of the US National Cyber Security Center Philip Reitinger. Serious business!

Reitinger is actually filling two roles, as he's been hired on as senior vice president as well as chief information security officer, reporting to executive VP and general counsel Nicole Seligman. A Sony spokesperson reconfirmed that the appointment of Reitinger was due to this year's PSN breach, and specifically noted, "We are looking to bolster our network security even further." May we suggest hiring a certain superhacker known as "Zero Cool"?

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