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Deus Ex 'Augmented Edition' Blu-ray soundtrack issue solution in 'final stages'


Purchasers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's "Augmented Edition" on PS3 were supposed to receive a DVD with the game's soundtrack on it. One slight problem: the disc that says "DVD" on it is actually a Blu-ray disc, meaning that consumers who want to transfer the soundtrack to their computer's media library need a Blu-ray drive on their computers, which isn't exactly a standard feature.

We contacted Square Enix, which has been aware of the situation since the game's launch, about the current status of a fix. The company told us at the end of August that it was working on a solution. Today it tells us that it's in the "final stages" of figuring something out.

If there were only a simple, technological way to take music, already awkwardly confined to physical discs, and make it easily available on the internet. It's a conundrum that we're glad to hear Square is taking weeks to figure out.

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