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QuickBooks for Mac 2012 features redesigns, improved search, partial billing


Intuit has announced QuickBooks for Mac 2012, which offers a slew of new features. Aside from being more Mac-like than ever (invoices look especially good), this update allows for partial invoice billing, greatly improved search functions, Lion-specific enhancements and a whole lot more. We'll have a full, hands-on review up soon. Until then, here's a peek at what you can expect from QuickBooks for Mac 2012.

More Mac-like

Forms have been re-designed, and for the better. Below you see an invoice. There's a lot of information along the right and left, including that client's history (color-coded to show overdue invoices), a summary, room for notes and more. Best of all, both the left and right column can be hidden, leaving you with the invoice itself. Add multi-touch swiping and it feels like you're simply looking at a stack of paper invoices.

Improved search

Many business owners have (hopefully) huge numbers of invoices, clients, etc. to sort through. QuickBooks for Mac 2012 has revamped the search function to resemble an advanced search in Mac OS X. You can create the criteria you want and even save searches for future reference.

Progress invoicing

The feature that impressed me the most is progress invoicing. Now you can bill clients for a project in phases, either by percentage or by line item. Plus, the app keeps track of how much has been billed and how much remains.

There's a lot more, which we'll cover when we go hands-on. QuickBooks for Mac 2012 will be available from Intuit on Sept. 26, and is expected to hit Apple retail stores,, Amazon, Best Buy, and other locations on Oct 9.

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